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This report discusses some of the highlights of the conference, including the impact of COVID-19 on VR/AR usage, emerging use cases in retail and medical, and advancements in metaverses. </p>Thu, 15 Oct 2020 20:49:03 Zurn:uuid:4ce6f50e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/trends-in-communication-and-information-sharing-webinar-replay Smart HomePortable DevicesAR/VR/MRSA NewsHMITrends in Communication and Information Sharing: Webinar Replay<p>Zoom has dominated video communication platforms during COVID-19 for both social and business needs. The pandemic has forced consumers &ndash; and particularly elderly consumers &ndash; to adopt video communication and other technologies to meet basic needs. More online shopping means more interactions with chatbots that require a better experience.</p> <p>But what is next? SA&rsquo;s User Experience Strategies service reviews recent UX Strategies research on trends in communication from the micro level to the macro.</p> <p>This wide-ranging presentation includes results from:</p> <ul> <li>focus groups and surveys with elderly consumers on technology usage trends post-COVID,</li> </ul> <ul> <li>reviews of recent research on conversational agents</li> <li>evaluations of evolving immersive communication platforms to rival Zoom</li> </ul> <ul> <li>the development of &ldquo;digital twin cities&rdquo; to enhance information sharing across urban environments.</li> </ul>Thu, 08 Oct 2020 20:34:54 Zurn:uuid:db6df50e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/amazon-making-bold-ux-advances Smart HomePortable DevicesHMIAmazon Making Bold UX AdvancementsAmazon made several product and service announcements between 24-29 September, including new Echo devices, their Luna cloud gaming service, new automotive devices, a new UI for Fire TV, and UX enhancements to Alexa.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> This report examines each of these announcements focusing on the potential and likely impact they will have for the end user in the home, in the car, and on the go.Thu, 01 Oct 2020 17:54:37 Zurn:uuid:b45df50e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/ux-innovation-research-recap---september-2020 TrendsSA NewsNews & TrendsUX Innovation Research Recap - September 2020In under 12 minutes, Chris Schreiner walks you through the latest research from the <a href="http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation">UX Innovation Practice</a>, including work on <a href="http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/will-immersive-communication-platforms-replace-zoom-a-ux-evaluation">immersive communication</a>, <a href="http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/automotive/in-vehicle-ux/reports/report-detail/smartphone-mirroring-in-2020-the-battle-for-just-good-enough">smartphone mirroring</a>, and a recent <a href="http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/automotive/in-vehicle-ux/reports/report-detail/webinar-replay-v2x---a-roadmap-for-saving-lives">Reuters webinar on V2X</a>. He also discusses the upcoming webinar on <a >trends in communication and information sharing</a>&nbsp;and our podcast, <a >UX Soup</a>.Wed, 30 Sep 2020 17:11:52 Zurn:uuid:6f38f50e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/will-immersive-communication-platforms-replace-zoom-a-ux-evaluation News & TrendsPortable DevicesAR/VR/MRHMIWill Immersive Communication Platforms Replace Zoom? A UX Evaluation<div>Zoom became the must-have communication platform during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Zoom is not well suited for all communication use cases. Immersive communication platforms have been around for awhile and are available on VR headsets, laptops, and smartphones.<br /> <br /> This report takes a deep dive into 5 immersive communication platforms from a UX perspective to understand how well they address the needs of their target use cases, how much the additional spatial and social presence enhances communication, and what is required for them to become the next must-have social or business communication platform.</div>Thu, 24 Sep 2020 20:08:54 Zurn:uuid:2e26f40e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/conversational-agents-update-on-academic-and-industry-ux-research News & TrendsHMISmart HomeConversational Agents: Update on Academic and Industry UX ResearchWith the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), both industry and academia have built service bots to increase customer engagement and reduce costs. These conversational agents, or chatbots, are disembodied, task-oriented agents that aim to solve specific issues. But their mostly prescriptive, in-flexible responses can lead to user frustration.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> In this report, recent published research papers were reviewed to identify interesting research in the field of conversational agents that could have significant impact on UX, use cases, and applications.Thu, 03 Sep 2020 17:52:28 Zurn:uuid:70adf30e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/apple-ios-enhancements-and-ux-impact News & TrendsPortable DevicesHMIApple iOS Enhancements and UX Impact<p>Apple released public beta versions for iOS 14 in July and for watchOS 7 in August.This report focuses on some of the improvements related to iOS 14 and Apple watchOS 7, and how they will impact the user experience.</p>Thu, 20 Aug 2020 15:55:08 Zurn:uuid:f9ebf20e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/digital-twin-cities-use-cases-and-ux-success-factors News & TrendsAR/VR/MRBusiness Models, StrategiesDigital Twin Cities: Use Cases and UX Success Factors<p>The rise of IOT has prompted a global push to not only make cities smarter but to go one step further and create a digital twin city &ndash; a smart 3D model that accurately represents the city and integrates as much real-time integrated data flow as possible.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>This report looks at use cases for digital twin cities by looking at examples of current cities that are already using them to make decisions and engage with governments, businesses, and citizens about mobility, governance, and tourism. </p> <p>Current use cases and planned use cases are covered as well as the challenges faced when using big data to fulfill the needs of multiple stakeholders.</p> <p>Additional use cases are proposed, such as the application of digital cities to the management of pandemics, gaming, tourism, business, autonomous vehicles, and accessibility. </p>Thu, 06 Aug 2020 16:17:01 Zurn:uuid:829cf00e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/uxip-newsletter-july-2020 SA NewsTrendsNews & TrendsInsight & AnalysisUXIP Newsletter July 2020<p>Welcome to the July 2020 edition of Strategy Analytics&rsquo; UX Innovation Practice Newsletter! This newsletter provides highlights of our most recent and upcoming user experience research, relating to connected technologies in-vehicle, in-home and while mobile. In this edition, we also explore the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UX a few months in, and introduce our new bi-weekly podcast: <a >UX SOUP</a>. This podcast will update professionals on the latest developments that will impact UX in the industries we cover.</p> <p>Featured articles include:</p> <ul> <li><strong>UXIP Focus</strong>: The Impact of COVID-19 on The User Experience</li> <li>User Experience Strategies &ndash; HMI Outlook: Gesture Control and Haptic Feedback</li> <li>User Experience Strategies &ndash; Smartphones: Battery Life Remains First Priority But Provides Least Satisfaction</li> <li>In-Vehicle User Experience &ndash; User Experience Evaluations: Porsche Taycan, BMW M8 and Kia K900</li> <li>In-Vehicle User Experience &ndash; Consumers and the Connected Car: Best and Worst Use Cases</li> </ul> For further information on any of the stories included in this newsletter or on the research services offered by UXIP (custom and syndicated) please contact:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="mailto:cschreiner@strategyanalytics.com">cschreiner@strategyanalytics.com</a>.Fri, 10 Jul 2020 15:45:52 Zurn:uuid:3089f00e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/smartphones-battery-life-remains-first-priority-but-provides-least-satisfaction Portable DevicesNews & TrendsSmartphones: Battery Life Remains First Priority But Provides Least Satisfaction <div>Strategy Analytics undertook a worldwide internet-based survey to investigate consumers&rsquo; smartphone purchase priorities and feature satisfaction. Respondents were asked to prioritize the most important factors when choosing their next smartphone and to rate their satisfaction on several elements of their current smartphone. The importance of 5G and the impact of COVID-19 are also discussed.</div>Thu, 09 Jul 2020 18:36:02 Zurn:uuid:c247f00e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/how-covid-19-has-altered-how-older-adults-view-technology Smart HomeHMIPortable DevicesNews & TrendsAR/VR/MRHow Older Adults Adapted to Technology Due to COVID-19<div>A &ldquo;silver economy&rdquo; is emerging - where products and services will need to be geared more towards seniors.</div> <div>Strategy Analytics conducted multiple surveys of seniors in May and June 2020, combined with online focus groups with seniors in the UK and US. They were asked to talk about their relationship with technology before and during the pandemic, along with their likelihood of use of various products and services post-COVID-19.<br /> <br /> Specific areas where seniors will more readily accept technology are discussed, along with recommendations for delivering solutions geared toward seniors.</div>Thu, 02 Jul 2020 20:44:21 Zurn:uuid:4be7ef0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/smart-appliances-keys-to-driving-further-adoption AR/VR/MRSmart Appliances: Keys to Driving Further AdoptionSmart home appliances have been somewhat slow to gain traction due to increased costs and lack of compelling use cases. However, more top line appliances are coming with Wi-Fi as a standard option.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <p>Strategy Analytics conducted consumer sentiment analytics for smart refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, washers, and dryers on 7,516 reviews from verified purchasers in the US and UK to understand their awareness and usage of Wi-Fi and other connected features on their appliances.</p>Thu, 25 Jun 2020 17:30:18 Zurn:uuid:98b9ee0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/covid-19-assessing-impact-on-user-needs-behaviors-and-experiences News & TrendsCOVID-19: Assessing Impact on User Needs, Behaviors and Experiences<div>Since March, Strategy Analytics&rsquo; UX Innovation Practice and Consumer Insights teams have been continuously monitoring changes in consumer behavior due to the pandemic to understand potential long term impacts. This report looks at potential impacts of COVID-19 on current and likely future usage of a variety of devices, apps, and connected services.</div>Thu, 04 Jun 2020 18:36:50 Zurn:uuid:3945ee0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/haptic-feedback-enhancing-the-user-experience HMIAR/VR/MRHaptic Feedback: Enhancing the User Experience<p>Haptic feedback is essential for providing immersion, addiction and adding realism to the way an experience feels. Advanced haptic sensations create sensations such as touch, heat and pressure, and can range from delicate feelings of raindrops to more dramatic explosions. Ultimately, haptics can improve the user experience of any device.<br /> <br /> This report highlights some of the broad and specific advancements in haptic technology which Strategy Analytics feels will have the most impact on future use cases for personal devices, the smart home, in-car and as the technology continues to evolve.</p> <div>&nbsp;</div>Thu, 28 May 2020 14:13:38 Zurn:uuid:370eee0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/augmented-reality-academic-industry-collaborations-that-will-impact-ux AR/VR/MRAugmented Reality: Academic/Industry Collaborations that will Impact UX<div>Augmented reality (AR) has tremendous potential to transform art, medicine, sports, hospitality, education, enterprise, and other fields. 5G rollout will help boost AR by reducing latency, providing a more immersive experience.</div> <br /> <div>In this report, research papers from academic and industry collaborations published in the last 9 months (the majority within the last 2 months) were reviewed to identify interesting research in the field of AR that could have significant impact on UX, use cases, and applications. </div>Thu, 21 May 2020 20:05:13 Zurn:uuid:06c5ed0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/navigating-the-covid-fear-factor-in-consumerchoice User Experience StrategiesEnd User SurveySmart HomePortable DevicesAR/VR/MRIntelligent HomeEvent ReportsEvent ReportsConsumer SurveysConsumer SurveysConsumer InsightsConsumer Behaviour - UXConsultingNavigating the COVID Fear Factor in Consumer Choice<p><strong>Navigating the COVID Fear Factor in Consumer Choice</strong></p> <p>This report examines some of the findings from SA&rsquo;s ongoing research on the impact of COVID on consumer behavior and buying dynamics focusing on China, the US, and Europe. <br /> <br /> The current use of lockdowns and social distancing to provide danger control is helpful for infection avoidance but does little to address the need to guide emotional response of fear of the unknown and anxiety of the future. From the marketing funnel to post sales support, there will be new barriers to adoption, new attractors in the marketing communications process, and new pain points to overcome in the overall user experience.</p> <p>Going forward in the age of increased awareness of COVID and other potential pandemics, the effect of fear on consumer choices will be significant. Understanding&nbsp;<br /> Our recent work at Strategy Analytics has implemented techniques to identify the specific nature of fear implications and risk management affecting consumer choice.</p>Thu, 14 May 2020 20:56:54 Zurn:uuid:fc7feb0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/amazon-go-grocery-next-steps-for-frictionless-brick-and-mortar-retail News & TrendsAmazon Go Grocery: Next Steps for Frictionless Brick-and-Mortar Retail<p>Two years after opening the world&rsquo;s first cashier-less convenience store, Amazon has expanded on its concept, opening a larger-format cashier-less grocery store.&nbsp; Strategy Analytics conducted a consumer-focused evaluation of the Amazon Go Grocery experience, in order to explore iterative improvement of the concept, and how it might revolutionize retail UX.</p>Thu, 16 Apr 2020 12:21:50 Zurn:uuid:21d6ea0e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/hmi-outlook-gesture-control Portable DevicesHMIAR/VR/MRHMI Outlook: Gesture ControlAdvancements in Gesture Control: A Complementary HMI or Much More?<br /> <br /> This report summarizes some of the more technological advancements of gesture control which will change the way users interact with a variety of devices and technology.<br /> <br /> Gesture Control allow users to interact with devices without physically touching them. As an alternative to human-machine interfaces (HMI) such as voice, touch and facial recognition, human body movements are recognized and interpreted by a computer system to give commands.<br /> <br /> While gesture control isn&rsquo;t yet ubiquitous, its technology is progressing. Its application covers a range of connected devices such as smartphones and tablets, smart home devices and in-vehicle, due to the need for little concentration and more natural and free-flowing movements. But gesture control has received mixed reaction from consumers. Barriers to adoption include increased learning curves, the need to recall specific gestures at specific times and frustration with the accuracy of gesture recognition.<br /> <br /> Advances in technology such as AI and IoT are creating future use cases beyond consumer applications that are useful, usable and compelling. These technologies will provide greater user engagement and immersion, allowing the simplest of gestures to be recognized and increasing user experience, productivity and safety. Ultimately gesture controls need to be valued as more then a gimmick. <br /> <br />Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:48:19 Zurn:uuid:367ee90e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/uxs-service-brochure News & TrendsUXS Service BrochureWhile digital transformation brings opportunity to the marketplace, it also increases competition and complexity. UXS works with clients to cut through the noise and understand the behaviour and motivations of consumers like never before. Using our extensive expertise in observing and research, coupled with deep knowledge of technology and trends, UXS works with clients to take advantage of as-yet untapped opportunities.<br /> <br /> Download the UXS Service Brochure to find out more.Thu, 19 Mar 2020 15:29:26 Zurn:uuid:547de90e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/covid-19-long-term-impacts-of-the-pandemic-on-ux News & TrendsCOVID-19: Long-Term Impacts of the Pandemic on UX<p>As the world attempts to navigate the current pandemic, there is a level of unparalleled uncertainty. Consumer behaviour is changing in key ways. This report examines the likely long-term impact of the pandemic on consumer purchasing preferences, their usage of applications and services, and HMI preferences.</p>Thu, 19 Mar 2020 14:36:18 Zurn:uuid:c70ce90e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/why-should-you-independently-verify-the-battery-life-of-your-devices News & TrendsPortable DevicesWhy should you independently verify the battery life of your devices?For smartphones and personal electronic devices, battery life is the most important purchase factor and a key driver of post-purchase satisfaction.&nbsp; The ability to accurately measure the real world performance of these products requires a trusted partner who can expertly replicate user behavior.&nbsp; Strategy Analytics has a strong track record of validating battery performance.&nbsp; Our independence lends credibility to the claims of several major brands.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> To find out more, and understand how we can help you, download our free whitepaper.Thu, 12 Mar 2020 10:30:58 Zurn:uuid:3dd4e80e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/samsung-galaxy-z-flip-and-motorola-razr-lessons-learned-from-latest-foldable-smartphones Portable DevicesHMISamsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola RAZR: Lessons Learned from Latest Foldable Smartphones<div>Motorola resurrected the iconic RAZR brand as a smartphone with a foldable display, while Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip. Strategy Analytics evaluated both devices to analyze different use cases this foldable design served, the impact this foldable form factor will have on smartphones, and implications for other foldable and flexible displays.</div>Thu, 05 Mar 2020 17:22:37 Zurn:uuid:68bfe80e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/uxip-newsletter-march-2020 SA NewsTrendsNews & TrendsInsight & AnalysisUXIP Newsletter March 2020<p>Welcome to the March 2020 edition of Strategy Analytics&rsquo; UX Innovation Practice Newsletter! This newsletter provides highlights of our most recent and upcoming user experience research, relating to connected technologies in-vehicle, in-home and while mobile.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Featured articles include:</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>UXIP Focus: The Future of Facial Recognition: AI &amp; the Path to a Seamless Experience</li> <li>User Experience Strategies &ndash; Smartphone Battery Performance Benchmark</li> <li>User Experience Strategies &ndash; Smart Home UX: Barriers to Adoption and Opportunities for Collaboration</li> <li>In-Vehicle User Experience &ndash; User Experience Evaluation: Hui Car Share from Toyota</li> <li>In-Vehicle User Experience &ndash; Automated Driving: New and Old Concerns Affect Consumer Interest</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>For further information on any of the stories included in this newsletter or on the research services offered by UXIP (custom and syndicated) please contact:&nbsp; <a href="mailto:cschreiner@strategyanalytics.com">cschreiner@strategyanalytics.com</a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Tue, 03 Mar 2020 13:09:28 Zurn:uuid:dbece70e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/virtual-reality-ux-keys-to-consumer-growth News & TrendsAR/VR/MRVirtual Reality: UX Keys to Consumer Growth<p>Virtual Reality has experienced a downturn in recent years partially due to lack of content and other UX issues. However, VR may be poised to recover, and 5G is poised be a key enabler. This report looks at key VR consumer use cases going forward, HMI considerations, consumer sentiment &amp; UX issues with current VR headsets, how 5G can impact VR from a UX perspective, and implications for those looking to incorporate VR into their solutions.</p>Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:08:23 Zurn:uuid:453de70e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/smart-home-ux-barriers-to-adoption-and-opportunities-for-collaboration Smart HomeSmart Home UX: Barriers to Adoption and Opportunities for Collaboration<div>The smart home industry is growing thanks to video surveillance and energy management devices, but other smart home devices are falling behind and consumers are hesitant to adopt a wide array of products. User experience issues around usefulness, setup, programming, and handling of edge cases present significant barriers. In this report the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem is examined as a case study for identifying these issues and providing recommendations to overcome them. Broader implications for other verticals wishing to integrate with the smart home are also discussed.</div>Thu, 06 Feb 2020 13:21:22 Zurn:uuid:718de60e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/hmi-outlook-facial-recognition HMIHMI Outlook: Facial RecognitionThis report summarizes some of the more technological advancements in the area of facial recognition which will change the way users interact with a variety of devices and technology. <br /> <br /> Though Strategy Analytics found that facial recognition previously was less-desired than other forms of personal device security, as it becomes not only more ubiquitous across smartphones but also more secure, interest and adoption rates are increasing. <br /> <br /> Facial recognition is going beyond simply identifying someone to unlock a smartphone, but replacing passwords, letting both retail and consumers know of familiar faces vs. first time/stranger visits, and being able to identify more human emotion as we evolve towards a smarter and more human-like human machine interface with our technology. <br /> <br /> Privacy and security of facial recognition will still be a challenge for many to overcome, though as it presses on and the use cases evolve, so will the acceptance. <br />Mon, 27 Jan 2020 23:30:20 Zurn:uuid:988ce50e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/ces-2020-hmi-facial-recognition-virtual-assistants News & TrendsHMICES 2020: HMI, Facial Recognition, & Virtual AssistantsThis report summarizes some of the technological advancements displayed at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, USA which will impact consumer life, but are also designed to improve consumer life and potentially make them feel more secure in doing so. Facial recognition is going above and beyond in the consumer sector by making a smart home smarter through facial identification and enhancing driver visibility in the car. New features and devices for virtual assistants with Google focusing on new capabilities while looking to improve user security, and Honda developing their own virtual assistant in the car. Lastly,&nbsp;from how we will converse and see AI chatbots, to rotating TVs, to using brainwaves to improve focus, and even existing in parallel realities with other travelers in the airports, HMI is evolving as we look towards the future.<br />Wed, 15 Jan 2020 19:10:48 Zurn:uuid:57dce30e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/smartphone-satisfaction-report-battery-life-satisfaction-increasing Portable DevicesSmartphone Satisfaction Report: Battery Life Satisfaction IncreasingStrategy Analytics undertook a worldwide internet-based survey to investigate consumers&rsquo; smartphone satisfaction levels. 4,790 consumers across the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and China were surveyed. Consumers in all regions exhibit higher levels of satisfaction for their smartphone&rsquo;s overall experience and display quality. However, battery life continues to rank at the bottom. Various mobile operating systems in China, along with scattered satisfaction levels result in consumers being less likely to stay with the same OEM. The US had the highest average satisfaction ratings and also the highest likelihood of staying with the same OEM compared to Western Europe and China.Thu, 19 Dec 2019 17:29:03 Zurn:uuid:ab5de30e-0c38-6b6e-941a-ff0000f88330http://www.tokyogrammar.com/access-services/ux-innovation/user-experience-strategies/reports/report-detail/ux-trends-for-2020-ai-5g-voice-assistants-and-more HMITrendsSmart HomePortable DevicesNews & TrendsInfotainmentHMIConnectivityAR/VR/MRUX Trends for 2020: AI, 5G, Voice Assistants and More...<p>At the end of each year, the UX Innovation Practice at Strategy Analytics identifies key trends for the coming year. For 2020 the top 5 Trends for UX Innovation are advancements in artificial intelligence, 5G, foldable devices, voice assistants and Android Automotive OS. </p>Thu, 05 Dec 2019 14:22:28 Z ɧƵ