5G is the fastest growing generation of mobile internet. Understanding how to leverage this market is a continuing problem. How do you make a return on the large investments into mobile infrastructure required for 5G? How do you meet consumers requirements for a better service whilst being sensitive to price changes? And how do vendors present their value proposition to gaining a worthwhile share of the market?

Strategy Analytics’ industry and consumer backed insight and forecasting into the ‘5G Opportunity’ provides a holistic view of the market across networks, service providers, use cases, devices and enabling technologies. This enables us to perfectly position your go to market strategy and offer bespoke solutions to your 5G problems.


KSFs for 5G Operators - Is a Marketing Strategy Needed?

5G networks are the wave of the future. A high percentage of network infrastructure investment will be 5G or ‘5G ready’ in order to gain efficiency and flexibility. The financial impact of the significant Investment required for these new networks is less certain. There is potential for disruption of both revenues and margins. This report explores key issues and risks for competing operators as they move to 5G.

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Worldwide Cellular User Forecast 2020-2025

What % of the market is going to be using 5G?
How big and how quick does it grow ?

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5G: The Environment and Sustainable business practices in the Smartphone 5G Purchase Decision?

How do smartphone buyers view the issue of environment and sustainability?
Are they willing to pay a premium?
Is there an opportunity for 5G promotions targeting segments that value sustainability?

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B2B 5G Deployment Plans and Priorities in France, Germany and USA - First Sightings

Strategy Analytics has concluded a survey of 950 Enterprise IT Decision Makers (ITDM) in Germany, France and USA. This report focuses on first sighting of data on the topic of 5G.

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5G Research

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5G Smartphone Wholesale Revenues Surpass those of non-5G Smartphones
In a pair of new reports Strategy Analytics' Device Technologies service breaks down and forecasts sales, wholesale ASP and revenues of Sub-6GHz and mmWave 5G smartphones. Building on previous reports showing ASP and revenues for LTE and 5G smartphones overall, the new research shows that fast growing sales of 5G smartphones

Blog | 18/10/2021 Ken Hyers

Can the G50 compete with Realme Q3i/8 5G and other Chinese 5G smartphones?
HMD today announced their newest and lowest-priced 5G smartphone, the Nokia G50. With a $299 retail price (~$227 wholesale) it is not the least expensive 5G smartphone available, putting it in the same price tier as Samsung’s Galaxy A32 5G ($212 wholesale), Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite5G ($208 wholesale) and OnePlus Nord N10 5G ($241 wholesale

Blog | 22/09/2021 Ken Hyers

5G: The Environment and Sustainable business practices in the Smartphone 5G Purchase Decision?
Copyright? Strategy Analytics 2019 STRATEGY ANALYTICS The Environment and Sustainable business practices in the Smartphone 5G Purchase Decision? Are smartphone buyers in China, UK, US willing to pay to support their green ambitions? Prepared by David Kerr Dkerr@strategyanalytics.com May 2021 Introduction Background Objectives The

Report | 06/05/2021 David Kerr | Devices

Edge Services do not need 5G but 5G needs Edge in 2021 – Winning vendors will offer Distributed resources
Edge Services do not need to wait for 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) to bring value closer to end users. But Cloud Native 5G SBA - which will be deployed starting in Q3 2021 - benefits massively from pre-deployment of distributed edge compute and storage resources. The availability of low cost resources close to end users will accelerate new

Blog | 30/12/2020 Sue Rudd | Service Providers

5G Capital’ Answers How 5G to Be Developed in a Huge City
with Beijing’s mobile network is always ranked in the lowest group among major Chinese cities. Therefore, a high quality network infrastructure is an important foundation for operators to win the competition and also for the city to advance its smart city program.  China Unicom’s ‘5G Capital’ builds the foundation of

Blog | 24/11/2020 Guang Yang

TCL 10 5G: One of the Best Affordable 5G Smartphones on the Market
TCL has launched its first 5G smartphone, the TCL 10 5G. With the new device the company offers a very solid spec sheet at an affordable price. It is TCL’s effort to bring 5G to the masses, without compromising on features and performance. We’ve had the opportunity to use and test the TCL 10 5G and this is what we found: The device

Blog | 10/08/2020 Boris Metodiev

VinSmart Enters 5G Segment with Vsmart Aris 5G
VinSmart, the home grown smartphone firm from Vietnam, announced its entry into the 5G segment with Vsmart Aris 5G device.  It would be the first Vietnamese branded smartphone to support 5G mobile network. Detailed estimates for VinSmart and Vietnam smartphone market, by quarter, are available here from our Smartphone Country Share Tracker

Blog | 07/07/2020 Rajeev Nair | Devices

Who Are the Leading Players in 5G Standardization? An Assessment for 3GPP 5G Activities
Networks & Service Platforms www.tokyogrammar.com March 2020 Guang Yang email: gyang@strategyanalytics.com 3GPP plays the central role in specifying the ecosystem for global mobile technology standards. By analyzing the contributions of industry players to 3GPP 5G standards, we can get an idea of different

Report | 16/03/2020 Guang Yang | Service Providers

The New 5G Un-Carrier: T-Mobile and Sprint to Supercharge 5G Competition and Innovation
Service Providers (carriers and the Un-carrier) must hone their 5G value propositions Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, Director, Service Provider Strategies With the greenlight for the T-Mobile Sprint merger today, we enter a new era of 5G competition in the US with two new players: The New T-Mobile and the evolving Dish Networks. With these "new

Blog | 11/02/2020 Susan Welsh de Grimaldo

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 5G Positioning and Pricing Strategies: Driving to 5G Success
5G REPORT: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ? Strategy Analytics Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this report, Strategy Analytics is unable to accept any legal responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of the information contained therein. Copying in whole or in part of this report is expressly

Report | 19/09/2019 Susan Welsh de Grimaldo | Service Providers

OPPO Launched “5G Spotlight Program” in China for Reno 5G
OPPO today launched “5G Spotlight Program” for Reno 5G. The concept is that OPPO will select 200 users in China to test the new flagship model. Based on their initial feedbacks, OPPO will explore the best use case for 5G smartphones in China. Actually, OPPO has hard-launched Reno 5G in Switzerland last month, with Swisscom as major

Blog | 10/05/2019 Yiwen Wu | Devices

Comparison and 2023 5G Global Market Potential for leading 5G RAN Vendors – Ericsson, Huawei and Nokia
Networks & Service Platforms www.tokyogrammar.com April 2019 Guang Yang Tel: +86 138 0137 2507; email: gyang@strategyanalytics.com; Report Snapshot 5G commercial services are being rolled out in advanced markets most notably US and South Korea etc. With the deployment of 5G the global mobile industry is

Report | 19/04/2019 Guang Yang | Service Providers

5G Shared Data Environment (SDE) – Critical enabler for 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)
5G Shared Data Environment – Critical enabler for 5G Service Based Architecture A Strategy Analytics white paper sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel www.tokyogrammar.com Report Snapshot 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA) demands new high performance, scalable databases, and distributed synchronized

Report | 16/04/2019 Sue Rudd | Service Providers

MWC 2019 Enterprise Mobility Blog, Wednesday 27th February 2019: Barcelona's 5G ambulances; New HoloLens 2; VMware - Cloud without Limits: Accelerate 5G from Core to Edge
MWC 2019 Enterprise Mobility Blog, Wednesday 27th February 2019: Barcelona's 5G ambulances; New HoloLens 2 gives Microsoft the edge in the next generation of computing; VMware - Cloud without Limits: Accelerate 5G from Core to Edge; Tata Communications MOVE IoT Connect. Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) - From Monday 25th to Thursday 28th February

Blog | 27/02/2019 Andrew Brown

Qualcomm Raises 5G Stakes with 7 Gbps download capable X55 5G Baseband
Handset Components www.tokyogrammar.com February 2019 Sravan Kundojjala Tel: +441908423638 Email: skundojjala@strategyanalytics.com Report Snapshot Qualcomm has announced its 2 nd generation 5G NR multi-mode chip X55 with download speed capability up to 7 Gbps. The X55 multi-mode 5G baseband includes

Report | 22/02/2019 Sravan Kundojjala | Components


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