OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking is a comprehensive and accurate price tracking and benchmarking service for the fixed voice and leased line market.

What is OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking about?

OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking provides comprehensive price and service information on both fixed voice and leased line services from the incumbent providers in each of the 34 OECD countries. The service is made up of two individual benchmarking systems, one for fixed voice and one for leased lines.  It is delivered as easy-to-use Excel-based systems, based on the internationally respected OECD price benchmarking methodology, and allows users to:

  • Easily track prices between national markets across all the OECD countries at different usage levels. 
  • Customize benchmark results using self-defined usage profiles within the interactive modelling tool
  • View results in a number of different ways, e.g. with/without VAT, in national or common currency.
  • View the detailed price information on each plan, including promotional offers, usage restrictions and contract terms

The service is updated on a quarterly basis.

OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking Sample Output:
?OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking

Who will benefit from OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking?

OECD Fixed Voice Price Benchmarking can help anyone who needs to assess and track fixed voice or leased line prices across multiple countries using a proven and trusted benchmarking methodology. Clients include fixed and mobile providers, government bodies and regulators around the world.

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