User Experience Strategies用戶體驗戰略

  • Which future use cases will drive new technologies?
  • Which consumer segments will adopt emerging technologies?
  • What will be the criteria by which consumers will determine the optimal experience with new technologies?
  • Which current solutions are driving best practice experiences?  And what pain-points need to be overcome?
  • What are the physical design and HMI best practices for new technologies?
  • Which monetization strategies will maximize adoption and profitability?
Analyzing UX Innovation Opportunities in Emerging Technologies, Verticals and Use Cases

For emerging technology spaces, our User Experience Strategies (UXS) service delivers a roadmap to help you design the optimal experience by understanding the emerging needs, motivations, use cases, pain-points and “must-have” experiences of lead adopters and future target consumers.

The core deliverables published by our User Experience Strategies service are our Technology Planning Reports.  These detailed and in-depth reports each deliver a comprehensive roadmap for optimizing the future UX of an emerging technology.  Each technology planning report answers all of the following questions:


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